Turnkey Facilities Management

Rink Management Services has been successfully managing ice rinks for more than 15 years. We structure our management to fit the client's needs. We can handle all aspects of day-to-day management including:

  • Hiring
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Operations
  • Marketing and sales
  • Programming and procurement
  • Or we can tailor a program (and fee) that fits your needs

Our Financial Management System

Our financial management system has become one of our most successful features. We recognize the essential need of most clients to have standard policies and procedures. We focus on:

  • Cash handling standard procedures
  • Accounts payable processing procedures
  • Accounts receivable processing procedures
  • Payroll processing procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Process and control improvements

Our Financial Reporting

One of our strongest skill sets and one that is greatly appreciated by our clients is our financial reporting. By the fifteenth of each month we produce reports that include a balance sheet, a statement of cash flows, a profit and loss versus budget for the month and year-to-year, a comparison to last year’s periods (when applicable) and the entire general ledger. Our reports are GAAP standard and on a full accrual basis. They are 100% transparent and completely auditable. Our extensive accounting staff is first-class and highly experienced.